Thursday, 25 February 2010

Always ask the right questions

The key to good telephone support is to know which questions to ask and then ask them in a way that the customer can understand and give you meaningful answers. Unfortunately language, accent and basic training often prevent remote call centre staff from providing such an effective service. At Windsor IT Services we can help isolate the problem and then ask the relevant questions of the call centre technicians to quickly resolve the problem.

"I was having problems connecting to AOL via my Wireless Router modem and after failing to get any satisfaction from AOL technical support I called on Mike Richardson to assist. He responded promptly and analysed the problem to the stage where he was able to contact AOL Support with clear questions to which he got a satisfactory response and restored my connection.

Mike approaches problems in a calm manner and explains what he is doing in terms which a non expert septuagenarian like myself can understand. While a further problem occurred next day he was able to quickly sort it over the telephone.

His charges are very reasonable and I would trust him implicitly to do a thorough job and have no hesitation in recommending him."

Richard Brown, Windsor